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Are you looking for home renovation contractors to add value, comfort, and a dash of personality to your home? If so, you’re in luck. The professionals at Triforce Construction are just one phone call away. We have the expertise needed to upgrade and transform every aspect of the home, from the kitchen countertops to the bathroom floors—we renovate it all—and do so with sustainability in mind.

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When it comes to home renovation services, there’s nothing that we can’t do for you and your home. Whether you want to replace the flooring throughout the property or beautify the exteriors, we make sure our handiwork aligns with your tastes while adding value to the home. In short, an investment in our home renovation services is an investment in your home. We wouldn’t dream of operating any other way.

Our value-adding home renovation services are as extensive as can be.

Look to us when you need:

  • New home flooring
  • Bathroom renovation services and upgrades
  • Kitchen renovation services
  • Basement finishing and renovation
  • Exterior renovation services
  • Upgrade of household fixtures and features
  • …and more

Add Space With Home Additions

One of the most significant ways to add both value and valuable space to your home during the renovation process is by opting for a home addition through our services. Whether you desire extra room for accommodating guests or wish to generate rental income, our home additions are tailored to bring your goals to life.

Home Improvement Upgrades That Last

Our home renovators take pride in implementing upgrades that stand the test of time. We understand that the durability and longevity of your home improvements are paramount. Whether it's a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovate, or any other transformation, our commitment to excellence ensures that your upgrades meet your immediate needs and provide lasting value and enjoyment for years to come.

renovation Contractors Committed to Sustainability

We’re committed to sustainability at every turn. When you want home renovation contractors that make use of environmentally friendly construction materials and integrate energy-efficient designs, we’re the professionals to work with.

Eco-conscious Construction Materials for You

We seek out eco-friendly materials, including reclaimed timber and recycled metals.

Energy-Efficient renovation Practices

Our designs are structured to optimize energy efficiency, incorporating features like spaces for solar panels and sustainable insulation systems.

Our Renovators Minimize Waste

We actively minimize waste generation, promote recycling whenever possible, and implement water-efficient systems in all our projects.

renovation for the Community

We’re deeply committed to our communities, collaborating with vocational training programs and forging partnerships with local schools to foster sustainability among the next generation of builders.

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Triforce Construction is an industry-leading renovation company that looks forward to helping you personalize your New Hamburg home. Reach us at (226) 898-2682 to reserve an appointment to consult with our licensed renovators.