ESG Plan

At Triforce Construction, we aren’t just an average interior design and renovation company—we’re a future-minded business committed to responsible governance, sustainability, and adapting to change. We’re industry leaders dedicated to incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives at all levels of our organization and working diligently to foster a culture of sustainability in the workplace.

From executives to designers to renovation technicians, we’re leading the way through positive adaptations to change and staying open to the future. To do this, we’ve developed a comprehensive ESG plan based on extensive consultations and research, and we’re proud to share our results with you.

We’re always happy to schedule a consultation to break down our specific initiatives to give you a better idea of our goals for the future. Our team is committed to accountability and fairness, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Sustainability Commitments

At Triforce Construction, we’re serious about sustainability and working hard to reduce our ecological footprint while providing top-quality interior design and renovation services. We’ve successfully implemented environmentally-friendly solutions into our business and look forward to continuing down the path to sustainability.

We’re a forward-thinking business that provides the following:

  • Sustainable building materials: Our team is committed to sourcing eco-friendly materials. From reclaimed wood to recycled metal and everything in between, we’re constantly searching for materials and suppliers to help lessen our ecological impact.
  • Energy efficiency: Many of our designs are created with energy efficiency in mind. Whether that means creating space for solar panels or using sustainable insulation equipment, we’re taking every step towards designing efficient homes.
  • Waste and water management: We’re committed to taking concrete steps to minimize the waste from our projects and promote water efficiency and conservation in our designs. We recycle waste whenever possible and prioritize water-efficient systems for our client’s homes.

Reinvesting in Local Communities

Working with us isn’t just an investment in quality work—it’s also a step towards helping members of your community. Part of our ESG approach involves community engagement. We aren’t just building homes. We’re building communities by working with vocational training programs and partnering with local schools to foster sustainability in the next generation of builders.

Transparent and Ethical Governance

We operate with integrity and instill our code of conduct in our employees to establish clear expectations for ethical behavior. Our executives and leadership team are committed to fostering transparency and delivering regular sustainability reports on our operations and ESG progress.

We’re also committed to diversity in the workplace and are working to develop diversity and inclusivity initiatives at all levels, particularly in leadership roles.

Join Us on Our Journey to a Sustainable Future

Committing to a future grounded in ESG principles is about more than just good business—it’s about creating a more sustainable and equitable society for future generations. Our team will continue to innovate and problem-solve as we work to leave a positive impact on the communities we work within. Whether you’re a new client, employee, or partner, we’ll collaborate to achieve our vision of sustainable construction together.

Call (226) 898-2682 to learn more about our ESG initiatives and get involved in sustainable construction with a strong focus on building sustainable and thriving communities.